1. "Learn" About Your Prospects,

2. Reach them at the "Right Time",

3. From "Triggered" Buying Signals.

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Struggling in Outreach Sales?

We personalize the outreach process as much as possible so you can easily connect with your client.

Struggling in Lead Generation?

Set custom "trigger" points so you can get notified when important events occur during the lifecycle of your prospect.

Enriched B2B Leads

Reach Prospects at the Right Time

  • Get notified when prospects changes title, location, or job.
  • Get important company events to identify sales opportunities.
  • Emails sent right to your inbox when sales opportunities detected.

Understand Your Prospects

  • Personalizing the outreach process so you can understand who your prospects are.
  • Learn about your prospect's experience, title, employment and other personal metrics.
  • Get direct contact information so you can easily connect with professionals that matter.

Marc Benioff

CEO at Salesforce

San Fransisco, US

Real Time Prospecting

  • Continually updated, fresh B2B database gauranteed.
  • Get access to the freshest direct dial and email database.
  • Majority of our data is cached, thus eliminating the use of stale databases.

Marc Benioff

CEO at Salesforce

San Fransisco, US

Comprehensive Database

  • Turn an email address to a complete B2B profile.
  • Identify who is behind an email address.
  • Rich, powerful, and accurate email appending solution.

Infonyze is the only solution you need

  • Fast — build a complete B2B list and profiles for all your leads.
  • Fresh — the most up-to-date, relevant, and powerful contact information. 
  • Easy — at-a-glance dashboards and reporting make lead generation and prospecting a joy. 
  • Suitable for individuals or businesses.