B2B Contact Search

Discover potential clients from our database of 100+ million B2B contacts. Our advanced search features will enable you to target the right clients for your business. Filter clients based on location, title, company, industry, and more. Then access direct contact information such as email or phone number so you can get in contact right away.

Client Search Dashboard

Email List Building

Empower your business email marketing strategies by using Infonyze as your B2B email list provider. Build highly verified and targeted email lists with a deliverability rate of over 90%. Our competitors lump in old and stale data; That is why Infonyze refreshes it's database often and verifies every single email upon export.

List Building Dashboard

Phone Number List Building

Build highly targeted phone number lists for your cold calling and outreach campaigns. With our database of 40+ million direct mobile phone numbers, we thrive in providing high quality and up to date contact information to make your business a success. Find specific people for your niche and obtain a list of phone numbers to start selling.

List Building Dashboard