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Image Name Email Title Company Location
Joe Mecca m***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO KwikBoost Dallas, Texas
Sara de Praetere s***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Lisbon WorkHub Lisbon Area, Portugal
Danny Khatib k***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Granite Media San Francisco Bay Area
Matthew Romaine m***[email protected]***m Co-founder, CEO Gengo San Mateo, California
Alessandro Sordi a***[email protected]***m co-Founder & CEO Nana Bianca Firenze, Tuscany, Italy
Alessandro Sordi i***[email protected]***t co-Founder & CEO Nana Bianca Firenze, Tuscany, Italy
Jishnu Gupta j***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO InTuition e-Learning Pvt Ltd (incubated at STEP IIT Kharagpur) Kolkata Area, India
Marty Kagan m***[email protected]***m Co-founder/CEO Hydrolix Inc. Portland, Oregon Area
Georges-Henri Betbeze g***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Sondz Paris Area, France
Gerry Goldstein g***[email protected]***m Co-founder / CEO Wonder Technologies, Inc. Laguna Niguel, California
Audrey Gelman a***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO The Wing Greater New York City Area
Soumitra Das d***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Soujhe Innovative Healthcare Devices Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Jason Theofilos j***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO MUNDO Media North York, Ontario, Canada
Travis May t***[email protected]***u Co-Founder & CEO Datavant San Francisco, California
Sarah Auerswald S***[email protected]***m co-Founder, CEO MomsLA, LLC Los Angeles, California
Ludovic Pruche l***[email protected]***m co-founder, CEO EXPERTEEZ France Bordeaux Area, France
Adam Petruccione a***[email protected]***m Co-Founder - CEO JET D'OR, Inc. Greater New York City Area
Dennis Larionov l***[email protected]***t Co-Founder, CEO Austin, Texas Area
Chris Parjaszewski K***[email protected]***m co-founder, CEO skygate Gliwice, Silesian District, Poland
Audra Quinn a***[email protected]***m Co-Founder, CEO UNCORKED! Games Greater Los Angeles Area
Anurati Mathur a***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Sempre Health San Francisco, California
Vladimir Gorgadze g***[email protected]***u Co-Founder, CEO TUTU.TV Moscow, Russian Federation
Vidyuth Srinivasan v***[email protected]***m Co-Founder, CEO Entrupy Greater New York City Area
Jaakko Kievari k***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Tubecon Events and Media Helsinki Area, Finland
Yakov Dubrovin y***[email protected]***m Co-Founder, CEO TD&K Labs, LLC San Francisco Bay Area
Georgios Bourtzos g***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO ShipReality Inc. Greece
Siddharth Mohan s***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Yembo San Diego, California
Marco Manera m***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO GRUPO MERIVA Puebla de Zaragoza Area, Mexico
Robbie Bhathal r***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Suiteness San Francisco, California
Veronica Horner v***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Maia Moda New York, New York
AMEEN RASHAD a***[email protected]***m Co-Founder/CEO TaleHunt Paris Area, France
Megan Hardwick m***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Tobiastyle Inc. Greater New York City Area
Bhuvanalakshmanan Ramanathan r***[email protected]***m CO-Founder & CEO Trenmax Software Solutions Pvt Ltd Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Rohit Gotecha r***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Jexcore infotech Private Limited Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Daniel Simmer d***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Konverge, Inc. Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area
Thibault de Broissia t***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO uptilab France
Joel Mansnerus j***[email protected]***i Co-Founder & ceo Voltio Oy Stockholm, Sweden
Chuck Bauer c***[email protected]***m Co-Founder, CEO DataBank IMX Melbourne Beach, Florida
Rajesh Purushottam r***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO In-Med Prognostics Pune, Maharashtra, India
Nir Shilo n***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Heyoya Israel
Gregory Reichling g***[email protected]***m Co-Founder - CEO CISEO Liège Area, Belgium
Maurizio Ferraris m***[email protected]***m co-founder & CEO ROIALTY Milan Area, Italy
Evan Horowitz e***[email protected]***g Co-Founder & CEO Movers+Shakers Greater New York City Area
Francois Dussurget f***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO VALIANTYS France
Nouman Ahmad n***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Validere Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Pravin Palaniappan p***[email protected]***m Co Founder & CEO Origin New York, New York
Vikram Lokhande v***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO CliniFact Mumbai Area, India
Emiliano Zulberti e***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO DirectWithHotels Inc. NCR - National Capital Region, Philippines
Stefan Walraven s***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Inmanta Leuven, Flanders, Belgium
Scott Schard s***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO 2BETRUE Austin, Texas
Andrew Perlman a***[email protected]***m Co-Founder/CEO Flash Equity New York, New York
Marcelo Calado m***[email protected]***m Co-Founder/CEO M2S Software Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Mohsin Afzal m***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Federal Capial &AJK, Pakistan
Lee Strafford l***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Accelerated Digital Ventures Sheffield, United Kingdom
Amol Vaidya, CUA™ a***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO 47Billion Indore Area, India
Navve Karniel n***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Exactive Marketing Ltd Israel
Joel Mark Witt j***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Personality Hacker Washington D.C. Metro Area
Suvita Charanwong s***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Tellscore Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand
Ilya Lukyanov i***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Orders Monster Israel
Kathleen Peers k***[email protected]***e Co-founder & CEO Kastarel Singapore
Inga Tamayo i***[email protected]***m Co-Founder, CEO VERKKO BIOMEDICAL LLC Greater Denver Area
Kelly Berger k***[email protected]***m Co-founder, CEO Uptain Technology Milpitas, California
Gianluca Canè g***[email protected]***t Co-founder & CEO BLULAB - Digital Company Cuneo Area, Italy
Abhinav Kapur a***[email protected]***m Co-Founder + CEO Bikky, Inc. Greater New York City Area
Farooq Nasir f***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Tech Latitude Pakistan
Maximilian von Wallenberg m***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO UpTick - Play the markets Berlin, Berlin, Germany
François Blouin f***[email protected]***r Co founder & CEO FOOD SERVICE FACTORY Lyon Area, France
Daniel Rubin d***[email protected]***m Co Founder, CEO Connectia Other
Koren Herszkowicz k***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO mobilesolid Israel
Bobby Bedi b***[email protected]***n Co Founder & CEO ContentFlow Technologies New Delhi Area, India
Johan Nilsson j***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO IP Maxi Lund, Sweden
Amr Nassar p***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO KanBkam Egypt
Eugene Burd b***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Basketful Co Chaska, Minnesota
Antti Sonninen a***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Day One Tech Japan
Dave Marvin d***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Salo Sciences, Inc. San Francisco, California
Madhav Khanna m***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO InfraGrid Toronto, Canada Area
David Rubio d***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Spanish T. Investments Madrid Area, Spain
Judith Pendergast j***[email protected]***m Co-Founder/ CEO Triquetra Phoenix, LLC Alexandria, Virginia
Shriee Srinivas s***[email protected]***m Co-Founder/CEO Orion Montessori School San Francisco Bay Area
Sri Raghunath s***[email protected]***m Co-Founder, CEO Hexaform Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru Area, India
Tariq Hilaly t***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Lumity, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
Dimitri Dadiomov d***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Modern Treasury San Francisco, California
Divyesh Kharade d***[email protected]***m Co-Founder/CEO DronaHQ India
Bernd Holzapfel b***[email protected]***m Co Founder & CEO Ministry of Games San Francisco Bay Area
Manolis Nikiforakis n***[email protected]***m Co-Founder, CEO Ex Machina Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China
Jeffrey Harris j***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO springbig West Palm Beach, Florida Area
Assaf Levy a***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Stella Maris Retail Israel
Anand Prabhala a***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO āyuḥ Healthcare Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Rabi Gupta r***[email protected]***m Co-Founder/CEO EvaBot Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
Ramón Cereijo r***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO PAGATELIA Madrid Area, Spain
Ikuma Mutobe i***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Machimachi, Inc. (renamed from Proper) Japan
Attila Szantner a***[email protected]***m co-founder & CEO MMOS Lausanne Area, Switzerland
Pedro Guerreiro p***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO SeeWest - Administração e Manutenção de Propriedades, Lda Portimão Area, Portugal
Kishore Manghnani k***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Shoreline IoT Inc San Francisco Bay Area
Mohit Sahni m***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Quest Fitness LLP Mumbai Area, India
Lior Yavor l***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Meekan Israel
Jimut Mazumder j***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO IPROM GROUP Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Diogo Cova Ribeiro d***[email protected]***m Co Founder & CEO Tagus Clinic Lisbon Area, Portugal
Raj Bhaskar r***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Hurdlr Washington D.C. Metro Area
Sai Raghavan s***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Seer Strategy Studio Vietnam
David Braccia d***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Find Start Grow Washington D.C. Metro Area
Stephane Bette s***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO SpineGuard San Francisco Bay Area
Ankit Bajaj a***[email protected]***m Co Founder & CEO Gurgaon, India
Palle Campagner p***[email protected]***m Co-Founder/CEO CO/CPH Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Gian Piero PEPINO g***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Keenergy Milan Area, Italy
Rajesh Singh s***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO AppoDeepo Technology Solutions Private Limited Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Yoane Pavadé z***[email protected]***m Co Founder & Ceo PARALLEL 14 United Kingdom
Anish Menon a***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO TalentMetrix Human Capital Management Solutions LLP Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Mason Hewitt m***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Gen3Ventures (ConnectMe, VacaGuru, TotalMedicare) Charleston, South Carolina Area
Panu Markkanen p***[email protected]***m Co-Founder, CEO LeanIT Oy Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
Rodrigo Montezuma F. Domingues i***[email protected]***r Co-Founder & CEO Controladoria Digital 4.0 Cotia, São Paulo, Brazil
Manish D Kachhy m***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Schwarz Sperren Intelligence & Security Solutions Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Pradeep Elankumaran p***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Farmstead Mountain View, California
Christian Wylonis c***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO The Org San Francisco, California
Kevin Miller k***[email protected]***m Co-Founder / CEO M2 Optics Inc. Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area
Rodrigo Assael r***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Pinion Education Mexico City Area, Mexico
Anthony Sherman t***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Simplist Greater New York City Area
Frederic Guillet f***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO Audiencevalue Pte Ltd Singapore
Jean Michel Petit p***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO VizEat London, United Kingdom
Koby Maluk k***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Vodience Netanya Area, Israel
Richard Biquillon r***[email protected]***r Co-Founder & CEO Yoomap Paris Area, France
Ming (Matt) Zhou, MBA m***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO eBaoTek Corporation China
Nathan Gordon n***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO SANS Meal Bar Los Angeles, California
Nameet Potnis n***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Apptuse Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Nashaat Samir n***[email protected]***m Co Founder & CEO Aiōn Industries Egypt
Bharat Kumar b***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO ScootPad Corporation San Francisco Bay Area
Jennifer Mansfield j***[email protected]***m Co-founder, CEO Digital Thrive Austin, Texas
Seerada Tiemprasert t***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Denali Smith Capital Other
Vinod Bhawnani v***[email protected]***m Co Founder & CEO Varchas Technologies Bengaluru Area, India
Heather Fullerton f***[email protected]***m Co-Founder + CEO MOON TO MARS New York, New York
Neer Ziskind n***[email protected]***m Co Founder & CEO GeneFo Israel
Sarah Elliman s***[email protected]***m Co-Founder, CEO CellarPass Saint Helena, California
Kunal Banthia k***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Dextra Square Pvt Ltd Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Gustavo Sanchez g***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO jijamas® Wyckoff, New Jersey
Simone Marini s***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO sailsquare Milano, Lombardy, Italy
Siva Ragavan s***[email protected]***m Co-founder & CEO CloveHub Greater Boston Area
Idan Haskel I***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO Correl8 Capital Ltd. Israel
Ruslanas Adam Trakšelis r***[email protected]***m Co-Founder/ CEO Millo appliances Lithuania
Nasser H. Batha n***[email protected]***m Co Founder & CEO Starcare Hospital United Arab Emirates
Roxy Wu r***[email protected]***m Co-founder, CEO Qubbi Greater New York City Area
Nazma Maknojia n***[email protected]***m Co-Founder + CEO PinkLion Houston, Texas
Alon Ravid a***[email protected]***m Co Founder & CEO Wizer Feedback Israel
Onno Faber o***[email protected]***u Co-founder & CEO Taptalk San Francisco Bay Area
Robert Rose s***[email protected]***t Co-founder / CEO Reliable Robotics Corporation San Francisco Bay Area
Jerry Solon j***[email protected]***m OWNER / CO- FOUNDER / CEO FITGER'S BRANDS LLC Greater New York City Area
Giampaolo Chiello g***[email protected]***m Co-Founder CEO Italy adMingle Padova Area, Italy
Jean-Baptiste Marcé j***[email protected]***o Co-Founder & CEO/CTO CloudNetCare Paris Area, France
Olivier Tourdes o***[email protected]***m Co-founder/CEO/CTO Kobalt Software Paris Area, France
Ivan Klimek, PhD i***[email protected]***k Co-founder, CEO/CTO Excalibur s.r.o. Slovak Republic
Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen u***[email protected]***m Co-Founder, CEO Finland DAIN Studios Helsinki Area, Finland
Glen Hiemstra g***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO & Owner Greater Seattle Area
Caitlin Buron c***[email protected]***t Owner, Founder, CEO Girls Getaway East Greater Boston Area
rijesh tandukar r***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO/Owner Next Media pvt. ltd. Nepal
Antorio Bergasdito a***[email protected]***d Owner, Founder, CEO Inmotion Digital Bandung Area, West Java, Indonesia
Martin Keen m***[email protected]***m Owner, Founder & CEO Focal Upright Furniture, LLC Providence, Rhode Island Area
Gabriele Antoniazzi g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Responsa Treviso Area, Italy
★Rohit Chandra r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO PymWym - when the bar is high San Francisco Bay Area
Raj Unny r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Indus Finch Group Zug, Canton of Zug, Switzerland
Dr. Anne Stenros a***[email protected]***i Founder & CEO Creative Catalyst Finland
Alaa Barky a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Victor Gao v***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Vigeo Technologies, Inc. New York, New York
Samuel Barlow s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Openstageit Ltd London, United Kingdom
Obi Anusiem b***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO NGEX San Francisco Bay Area
Kimber Barton k***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Recover-U LLC Greater Salt Lake City Area
Rob McEwen r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO invaluement Hickory, North Carolina
Nicholas J. Gammell n***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO GAIN Fitness Greater New York City Area
Bhargav Sri Prakash b***[email protected]***u Founder & CEO FriendsLearn Palo Alto, California
Charlene E. Wilson, M.A., ACC w***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Resilient Leadership Coaching and Consulting San Francisco Bay Area
Ethel Malca e***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO TransEloc, Eiry Global Solutions Israel
Sagar Bedmutha s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Optinno Mobitech Pvt. Ltd. Pune, Maharashtra, India
Kaveh Mehran Jalil k***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Elkaware Co., Ltd Iran
Brindusa Burrows b***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO The Ground_Up Project Geneva Area, Switzerland
Warren Rogers W***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Ascent Consulting Group, LLC Clearwater, Florida
Mareza Larizadeh f***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Pulsd, Inc. Greater New York City Area
Jani Huttunen h***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Finbiosoft Finland
Zac Logsdon z***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Old Hat Creative Norman, Oklahoma
Neeran Chhiber n***[email protected]***n Founder & CEO Octave Consulting Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Hema Chockalingam k***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO EcoEmbrace LLC Franklin, Massachusetts
Hicham Bouzekri h***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Microtronix Consulting Services Rabat Prefecture, Morocco
Skyler Sutton S***[email protected]***m Founder - CEO Rain Los Angeles, California
Neerav Parekh p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO vPhrase Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai Area, India
Julien Ulrich j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Itekube New York, New York
➡ Vincent Hetru v***[email protected]***m founder, CEO 13 Pass multimedia Bordeaux Area, France
Nitsan Baider N***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO DeeperVisual Israel
Prashant Pahade p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Agumbe Technologies Saratoga, California
Milovan Jovičić v***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Alpha Design Serbia
Samuel Tak s***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO INDLG San Francisco Bay Area
Fred Jankowiak F***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Greenwood Energy Partners, LLC Greater Pittsburgh Area
Sumeet Punjabi s***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO OMI San Francisco Bay Area
Stephen Brust s***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO WEBKAT DESIGN, LLC Greater Atlanta Area
Kumarraj Rajalingam k***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Nestweaver Technology Services Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Akshaya Kumar ACA FRICS k***[email protected]***m Founder & Ceo Park Lane Property Advisors Mumbai Area, India
Joey Dweck j***[email protected]***t Founder, CEO Skinny News, LLC Tenafly, New Jersey
Talip Ozturk o***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Evercoin San Francisco Bay Area
Ed Hunkin e***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO Monza Cloud Greater Atlanta Area
Carl Johan Eiderbrant c***[email protected]***e Founder & CEO Business Lounge Group AB Stockholm County, Sweden
D. Scott Karnedy D***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO Valhalla Advisors New York, New York
George Yan y***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Clobotics Pudongxin District, Shanghai, China
Abdul Malik Yoosufani a***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Digital Compliance Austin, Texas Area
Naomi Neilson n***[email protected]***t Founder/CEO Native Trails, Inc. San Luis Obispo, California Area
Patrick Hitchins p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO FitRankings Austin, Texas Area
Justin Baer j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO MemberText | TextFox | PropertyChat 365 | Textology Washington D.C. Metro Area
Rajesh Nambiar r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Hybizcus Ventures Inc. Vancouver, Canada Area
Randy Sorensen r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Caliber Network Solutions LLC Indianapolis, Indiana Area
Tom Gambill s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO IARI 3D Technology Consulting Houston, Texas Area
Christophe DAINE c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO TAOKAN Paris Area, France
Henk Den Baes h***[email protected]***g Founder & CEO DB Tech Vision Limburg Area, Belgium
Bjorn Bekkevold b***[email protected]***o Founder & CEO XTN Group Holding AS Tønsberg, Vestfold, Norway
Amit Patel a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Oros Irving, Texas
Robyn Scates r***[email protected]***g Founder/CEO Law Academy for Women 5930 Fairlee Road, Elkridge, Maryland
Karanth, Prakash b***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Karanth Genomics LLC Greater Detroit Area
David Yuskovich d***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Generyus Israel
Kevin Gantos k***[email protected]***m Founder & Ceo The Diamond Dynasty Temecula, California
Vellu Maurola s***[email protected]***i Founder & CEO Striim Group Oy Helsinki Area, Finland
Shine Liu l***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Peanut Tour Holding.,LTD Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Leo Perkins Okpoko l***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Bronze Street production Glasgow, United Kingdom
Jay Srinivasan s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO RedMed Health Systems Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Eldad Caspi e***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO PeerManage - Traffic Intelligence Systems Greater New York City Area
Christian Candid Dvorak c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Snafflz London, United Kingdom
Jan Kincl h***[email protected]***z Founder & CEO Delta Real Estate LLC District Brno-City, Czech Republic
Lesa Bailey l***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO EAST SAN ANTONIO COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION San Antonio, Texas
Alexis Iche a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO A-Capital Advisors SA Geneva Area, Switzerland
Rob Conley c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Spice Jungle, LLC— | Rockford, Michigan
Moez Naseer m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Maavan Mountain View, California
Toni Chverchko MAOD t***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Xone80 Consulting Inc Greater Chicago Area
Pedro Martinez p***[email protected]***s Founder & CEO MobileKnowledge Barcelona Area, Spain
Gilles Enguehard g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Network Finances Paris Area, France
Philip P. Philipoff p***[email protected]***u founder | ceo Northern Gate OÜ Estonia
Adam Sajna a***[email protected]***m Founder CEO ACORMIX Kansas City, Missouri Area
Curtis E Johnson, Jr. MSHRM, MBA c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO The CUVEY Group, LLC Fort Pierce, Florida
Stephanie Schwab s***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Crackerjack Marketing Chicago, Illinois
Tony DeMartile t***[email protected]***t Founder/CEO Solé Salon and Spa AVEDA Emeryville, California
Gerard Thomas g***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Launch RockIt Trinidad and Tobago
Samuel Roux s***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Start with your Coach® Paris Area, France
Wilson Hago d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Hago Energetics San Francisco Bay Area
Maanish Roy m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Omni212 LLC Seattle, Washington
Manuel Cerqueiro m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO codingKIDZ Greater New York City Area
Awaneesh Pande a***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO SATT Analytics Hub Suwanee, Georgia
Grzegorz Berezowski g***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO Warsaw, Masovian District, Poland
RajpootBandhan Rajesh Chauhan r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, India
Alex Nygren a***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Kina, LLC Richmond, Virginia Area
George Meringov g***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Merigotech Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Francoise JEROME f***[email protected]***r Founder & CEO POLEVA Consulting - Executive Search Paris Area, France
Mikel Perez m***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO. Psy-Fi Marketing Labs S.L. Bilbao Area, Spain
Assaf Thon a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO CandorMap Israel
Dr. Merlin Switzer, CMC, PCC c***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO Switzer Associates - Leadership Solutions Roseville, California
Lynn Hijar l***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO iBiz247 International Business Center Bonita, California
Ravi S. Kudesia r***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO The Leadership Yoga Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Christian Lopez c***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO NoiseFactory Networks Las Vegas, Nevada Area
Kireet Modi k***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO After My School Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Andrew Filer a***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Datamarcx Greater Seattle Area
Ed Bice e***[email protected]***t Founder, CEO Meedan Labs Woodacre, California
Bryan Mercer b***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Just Health Shops Washington D.C. Metro Area
Chris Sveen c***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO MacSveen Technical Services San Francisco Bay Area
Danton Viñales d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO PuntoPagos Chile
Jorge Mas Velasco j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO CREARMAS Barcelona Area, Spain
Robby Tambunan r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO First HR Indonesia Indonesia
Vladimir Barcak v***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Delta Capital Investments Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic
Adib Nassar a***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO US Health Science Products, Inc San Ramon, California
David Moore d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Navagis Inc San Francisco Bay Area
Vijesh Sharma s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO BAKERi Software Sciences South Delhi, Delhi, India
Richard Splivallo r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Nectariss Sàrl Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany
Julie Hylton j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO 12° West New York, New York
Scott Grzybek s***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO ZUKAY Live Foods Greater Philadelphia Area
Vaman Acharya v***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Zycom Technologies & Services New Delhi, Delhi, India
Mike Personett m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO NextPlane Solutions, LLC Mansfield, Texas
Jørgen Damgaard - Hansen j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Twinbody Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Shaily Singh s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Clarity Consulting New Delhi, Delhi, India
Mukul K Gupta m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO KazaCam New Delhi, Delhi, India
Ertan Turhan e***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Net Advertisement, Computer and Broadcasting Inc. Istanbul, Turkey
Hendra Sutandinata h***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO PonselPay Network Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia
Bill Munday b***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Blendology Cambridge, United Kingdom
Lou Petrossi l***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO InsideScale San Francisco, California
Joshua Owheya,PgD,FCMI,FInstLM b***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO BTL BUSINESS VENTURES, LLC North Wales, Pennsylvania
David Siegel d***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Glide San Francisco, California
Kanchana Jayaram Kapadia j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Calorie Culture Mumbai Area, India
Greg Elin g***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO GovReady Washington D.C. Metro Area
Desikamani Gopaladesikan d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Mentor Learning Services Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Christianna Tsiterou c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO The Gift Concierge United Arab Emirates
Riffat Manasia r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Beyond Aid Houston, Texas Area
Monish Gandhi m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Gradient Ascent AI Toronto, Canada Area
Katherine Stoltz k***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Venues & Vows Austin, Texas
Jay Traband j***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO IdeaBlade San Francisco Bay Area
Hitoshi Yamamoto j***[email protected]***p Founder / CEO Synapz Inc. Within 23 wards, Tokyo, Japan
Ali W. Palmer a***[email protected]***u Founder & CEO LIFECON, LLC Cumming, Georgia
Bijit Hore b***[email protected]***u Founder, CEO GarbleCloud Greater Los Angeles Area
Mark Pihlens m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Caribou Capital London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Fatih Mehmet Güler f***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO PragmaCraft Turkey
Cassandra Burnvoth c***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO FATCO Chico, California
Steuart Martens s***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Taste of DC, LLC Washington D.C. Metro Area
Tashua Alexander u***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Alexander Consulting, LLC Greater Atlanta Area
Shawn H. Malone, CISSP, CIPP, CTPRP m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Security Diligence, LLC Greater Philadelphia Area
Peter Hamza h***[email protected]***u Founder / CEO Stockfresh Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
Dan Seewald D***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Deliberate Innovation Greater New York City Area
Bal Tarakad b***[email protected]***m Founder CEO Energy Save Technologies Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Graham Burgess g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO digiLED Group Ltd London, United Kingdom
Alexis Weinerman a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO OnPoint Media Group Greater New York City Area
Jennifer Cuevas j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet Columbus, Ohio Area
Joel Heath j***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO FluidStance - a Company of Motion, LLC Santa Barbara, California
Rebecca Yik r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Hatch Bali Denpasar Area, Bali, Indonesia
Pavan Mandhani p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Mobifusion, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
Kalicharan Bhagavathi k***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Spectrum Technologies Inc Washington D.C. Metro Area
Patric Bernazzoli p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO OneTouch360 Paris Area, France
Henrik Kinnunen f***[email protected]***m Founder,CEO Kvantspin AB Lund, Sweden
Martta Leskelä m***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO RAGAMUF Finland
Olof Ermis o***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Ochno Västerås, Västmanland County, Sweden
Madhusudan Jhunjhunwala j***[email protected]***k Founder & CEO Gauri Shanker Business Services Pvt. Ltd., (GSBS) Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Rahul Razdan r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Charity Footprints Princeton Junction, New Jersey
Dirk Briese b***[email protected]***o Founder, CEO windresearch Bremen Area, Germany
Nakisha Guzman k***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Entoto Gear Greater Nashville Area, TN
Robert Thompson b***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Punch Bowl Social Denver, Colorado
Jean-Pierre Guittard j***[email protected]***u Founder & CEO San Francisco, California
Jordi Agusti j***[email protected]***m Founder - CEO Barcelona Area, Spain
Guillaume Mathieu g***[email protected]***r Founder & CEO Cityzen Mobility Paris 19, Île-de-France, France
Lois Fuhr l***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Lois's Lash Lounge & Younique Cosmetics Greater Seattle Area
Desiree Doubrox d***[email protected]***m Founder CEO An Empowered Woman & Let's Talk Success Greater Los Angeles Area
Erin Simpson e***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Archer Avenue Consulting Washington D.C. Metro Area
Daniel Brisset d***[email protected]***a Founder & CEO Daniel Brisset Designer Inc. Montreal, Canada Area
Jiang Wang j***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO AdsMOGO Media Technology Inc. Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Akhil Kumar a***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Apra Labs. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Ernesto Di Iorio d***[email protected]***m Founder - CEO Questit Siena Area, Italy
Ryan Richt r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Well Principled Saint Louis, Missouri
Jeff Kirschner j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Litterati San Francisco Bay Area
Brandon Coward b***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Becoming One Couples Ministry Greater Atlanta Area
Antti Väänänen a***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO AVENEN Global Pte. Ltd. Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand
Pavel Nosikov n***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO M350 Moscow, Russian Federation
Michael LeBlond m***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO WebPsychology, LLC Greater Denver Area
Ronald Victor g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO LP:TS Lifestyle Events Baltimore, Maryland
Franco Fubini f***[email protected]***k Founder & CEO Natoora London, United Kingdom
Christophe de Potter d’Indoye c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Brussels Area, Belgium
Sukh Singh Gidda s***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Steelmane Consulting London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Joe Hession h***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO SNOW Operating Boulder, Colorado
Jonathan Marsh j***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO MistAMERICA Corp. Phoenix, Arizona Area
Ali Stern-cohen a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO OBSmart Sde Yoav, HaDarom (South) District, Israel
Hannah Campbell-Anderson h***[email protected]***m Founder-CEO Day of Gal Greater Los Angeles Area
Alexander Max Kaplan a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Linguado Miami, Florida
Bogdan Matei s***[email protected]***m Founder & Ceo Zookat Creative Design Ltd. Romania
Robb Monkman, MBA c***[email protected]***m Founder | CEO React Mobile Seattle, Washington
Felipe Hughes f***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Hyuntech Peru - Hyundai Mobile Peru Representative Peru
Bob Stein r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO International Visas & Passports, Inc San Francisco Bay Area
Adrian Glass g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO The Post Sports Bar and Grill Greater St. Louis Area
Pascal Zay p***[email protected]***m FOUNDER - CEO Côté France Greater New York City Area
Oshrit Gur o***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Nika Organics Ltd. Israel
Neil Crossey n***[email protected]***m Founder - CEO Crostrade International Limited Malta
Mike Hittle m***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Homize Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
Fay Niewiadomski f***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO International Consulting and Training Network,S.A.L. Lebanon
Silvia Bottini - Executive and Team Coach s***[email protected]***k Founder & CEO Bcoached United Arab Emirates
Aleš Perme p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO DAIVA, Aleš Perme s.p. Slovenia
Elisabetta Cametti e***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO ESENSE Milan Area, Italy
Ilan Levy i***[email protected]***m Founder && CEO VibeChain Inc Cambridge, Massachusetts
Tommy Byrne t***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO Anchorage Capital Partners Ltd. United States
Len Jornlin l***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Optimize Renewables LLC Washington D.C. Metro Area
Rogelio Douglas, Sr. r***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO FARCARIBE Foundation Costa Rica
Jonas Ehne j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Goava Stockholm, Sweden
Alexander Levshin a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Jakub Mysona j***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO 56 Degrees London, United Kingdom
Prashanth Bhat p***[email protected]***n Founder & CEO SME Network Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Chandrakant Ranavare p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Proactive Corporate Services Pvt Ltd Mumbai Area, India
Jean-Hugues Bretin j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Raisin: Natural Wine App Paris Area, France
Mike Matchett m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO CoAction Little Rock, Arkansas
Stephanie Conduff S***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Leche Lounge Tulsa, Oklahoma Area
Peter Bierman p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO P77B Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
Miles Kumaresan m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Wave Labs Limited London, United Kingdom
Mohamed Mohsen m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO MnZ Technology Solutions Egypt
Miloš Mileusnić m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Netmark d.o.o. Serbia
Markus Cramer f***[email protected]***e Founder / CEO The Real Markets Berlin Area, Germany
Raanan Eran r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO FORTVISION Israel
Mari Oksanen m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO AgiNotes Jyvskyl Area, Finland
Jaki Levy j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Arrow Root Media San Francisco, California
Patrick Looser i***[email protected]***h Founder / CEO PALO AG Zürich Area, Switzerland
Jeff Keith j***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Guardian Group Corona Del Mar, California
Jessica Hansen J***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Embodied, LLC Laguna Beach, California
Zack Holstun z***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO MercuryPDX Portland, Oregon
Gregory Stromberg g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Greater Milwaukee Area
Toyin Odulate o***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Olori Beauty Enterprise LTD Nigeria
Jessica Barnes, PhD, RDN, LD j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Village Table, LLC Dallas/Fort Worth Area
David Dourado dos Santos d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Botly Lisbon Area, Portugal
Katy Kasmai k***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Team Exponent Greater New York City Area
Marcelino Elosua m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO LID Publishing / Editorial Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Amit Saboo a***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Career Avenues (CAV) Mumbai Area, India
Janice Niederhofer J***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO Undercover Rose, Inc San Rafael, California
Rami Attias r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO better two Hadera Area, Israel
Zoltan Hardi, MBA z***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Good Products Business Solutions Phoenix, Arizona Area
Marcela Nagy m***[email protected]***m Founder CEO Welcome Relocation São Paulo Area, Brazil
Ashley Marie Kingsley, MS, CHLS a***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO mindfully Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Huong Tran h***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO EPOMi Vietnam
Greg Henderson, AIA, NCARB v***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO Arx Pax Labs, Inc. Saratoga, California
Saleh Taebi s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO CanadaWheels Inc. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Charlene Autolino c***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Outreach Consulting Services San Diego, California
Renee Grady i***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO My Favorite Notary Service San Francisco Bay Area
Dani Golan d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Kaminario Greater Boston Area
Alberto Di Gennaro a***[email protected]***m Founder & Ceo AL-SHIRKAH-SHARIA Sagl Switzerland
Sharad Deshpande s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO ValueLink Technologies Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Zulfikar Ali z***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO BDTAX.COM.BD Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area
Ingo Berben i***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO Selentic Opglabbeek, Flanders, Belgium
Nagaraj Yerram n***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Netpeach Technologies Inc. Mclean, Virginia
Carmen Mays, MPA c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Elevators Atlanta, Georgia
Peri Samaras p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO The P & M Printing Fashion Thessaloniki, Greece
Jonas Casey Jones j***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Online Mental Health Portland, Oregon Area
Kai XIA c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Zenjoy Limited Beijing City, China
Cesar Cardoso c***[email protected]***m Founder | CEO Intercase Rio de Janeiro Area, Brazil
Kirils Mensikovs k***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Vertex IT SIA Latvia
Alex Jacenko a***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Andrew L. Fox a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Mindzap Media Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Mini Latif m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Ottoman3 Pty Ltd Melbourne, Australia
Raza Ali Badami r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO RealMacways Pakistan
Jan Malasek j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO OnDemand Resources Charlottesville, Virginia
Juliet Simpson j***[email protected]***k Founder & CEO Stripe Communications Edinburgh, United Kingdom
John Webb j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO ProAutomated Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
ramesh madakasira r***[email protected]***m Founder CEO UnifiedGateways Bengaluru Area, India
Jessica Yamoah j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO INNOVATE INCLUSION™ Canada
madhav murti m***[email protected]***m founder & CEO theExecutionOffice Inc Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Vikram Patel v***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Ahmedabad Area, India
Martine Moflag m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Spotly Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Cheryle Dueck c***[email protected]***a Founder, CEO Gospel Music Industry Hub Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Joseph F. Heitzler j***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO EMG (Entertainment Management Group) Greater Los Angeles Area
Israel Twito i***[email protected]***l Founder, CEO NewTone Patent Search Ltd Israel
David Cameron d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO INVRS3D Cinematic Reality Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
M. L. "Buzz" Hefti S***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO The Hefti Group, LLC Washington D.C. Metro Area
Arun Jagatheesan a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO CurbZERO San Jose, California
Kelly MacGaunn k***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO kelleemack pr Valley Village, California
Sumedha Rubasinghe s***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Sri Lanka
Tania Modic t***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Western Investments Capital, LLC Reno, Nevada Area
Masayoshi Samejima m***[email protected]***p Founder & CEO EXURT K.K. Saitama, Japan
S Brooks Myers k***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Knockout Concepts Columbus, Ohio
Simo Kivimäki a***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Trestima Tampere Area, Finland
Ashok Nare a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Kollabio, Inc. Ashburn, Virginia
Jefferson Stela j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Data Insights São Paulo Area, Brazil
Chuck Mullins c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Orlando, Florida
Carolina Sztein c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Organic Argentina Farms Argentina
Amy Kisch a***[email protected]***m Founder + CEO AKArt Advisory San Francisco, California
Reacher Qin r***[email protected]***m Founder+CEO Shinco Automotive Electronics. Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
Capt Chand Pathak c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Creative Indians New Delhi, Delhi, India
Kahoru 'Kalu' Watanabe k***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Cool Flow Dynamics Inc. Sarasota, Florida
Jeremiah Lowin j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Prefect Washington, District Of Columbia
Jeb Buffinton j***[email protected]***m Founder CEO J.E.Buffinton Consulting LLC Asheville, North Carolina Area
David Macchia d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Wealth2k® Greater Boston Area
Robert Henslee CMC 認證大師教練 D***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO & & + Hundreds More Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Julie Wadley j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Eli Simone, LLC - Personal Matchmaking and Coaching Charlotte, North Carolina Area
Andriy Gryn a***[email protected]***m founder, CEO Softgenic Systems Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany
Pawan Maheshwari p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Packmile Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Richard Valenza r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO RaiseAChild.US Greater Los Angeles Area
Mike Hogan, PMP m***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO StemCAPtain Greater Denver Area
Kurt Meinz k***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO VeriCase San Francisco Bay Area
Magdy Sharawy m***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO Softlock Szczecin, West Pomeranian District, Poland
Barbara Lisi b***[email protected]***t Founder, CEO Vox One Westport, Connecticut
Prakash Sharma s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Hitaishin Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Greater Seattle Area
Luka Drvoderic l***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO BOLDIT Croatia
Bartłomiej Serafiński b***[email protected]***m founder, CEO touchideas. Warsaw, Masovian District, Poland
Douglas Hill d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Hypester Media Woodstock, Georgia
Anna Skaya a***[email protected]***m Founder + CEO Basepaws Greater Los Angeles Area
Jan Radanitsch j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Smarter Ecommerce GmbH Austria area
Uffe Helsing Andersen u***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Jungleprojektet / The Jungle Project / Proyecto de la Selva (NGO/ONG) Southern Region, Funen, Denmark
Jeet Girase v***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO SCI Solutions, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
Jayne Booker b***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Brandywine Associates San Francisco Bay Area
Mikio Okano m***[email protected]***p Founder & CEO Ochanoko-Net Inc. Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Stephen Marchant s***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO MediLumine Inc. Montreal, Canada Area
Daniel Statlander d***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO Stateland Brown Real Estate Boca Raton, Florida
Isaac Scharf i***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO IYS ENTERPRISES, INC. Los Angeles, California
Mark Bloemhard, Ph.D, MBA, MA m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Bolder & Co. Creative Studios Columbus, Ohio
Venu Koka v***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Leadvel Consulting Bengaluru Area, India
Flynn Falcone f***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO North Hollywood, California
Eric Brown e***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Copeland Capital Management Greater Boston Area
Scott Sandland s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Orange County, California Area
Josh Ammons j***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO Lanevis Silver Spring, Maryland
Adnan AbuSharar a***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO NABED نبض Lebanon
Edgardo Maisonnave e***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO 74Group Uruguay
Ryan Dull r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Sagemark HR Madison, Wisconsin
Benoît Goblot b***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO Matinal Paris Area, France
Simon Istvan s***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Prefixbox London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Sebastiano Caira d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Glass + Glam ® Brussels, Brussels Capital Region, Belgium
David Widdel d***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Über Room Orlando, Florida Area
Steve Ehretsman s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Shamrock Prosthetics, Inc. Greater Atlanta Area
Stephan VINCENT s***[email protected]***r Founder/CEO ETHIQUABLE BENELUX Namur Area, Belgium
William Lopez (SPHR) w***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO VBARO, S.A., (Import & Export Consulting) Nicaragua
Rob Bateman r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Away Studios London, United Kingdom
Jean-Jacques Mwangelu m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO EPHETHYS Paris 08, Île-de-France, France
David Sanz García d***[email protected]***s Founder & CEO PeopleWare S.L. Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Nick Schilling n***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Avant Wealth Management Topeka, Kansas
Michael Welsh m***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Cloudaxis Hong Kong
Cindy Gholston c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO CVG Strategy, LLC Melbourne, Florida Area
Peter Quintus p***[email protected]***l Founder & CEO InDis Lithuania
Chitoku Tosu c***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Onedot, Inc. Jing’an District, Shanghai, China
Claus Gemal Rasmussen g***[email protected]***k Founder & CEO SB Betting Software Szczecin, West Pomeranian District, Poland
Yoann Douieb y***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Temple Stone Israel
Jing Qiu, CPA j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Winsome CPA Greater Los Angeles Area
Ravi Shankar Sharma d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO AGINNOVATE Farm Pvt Ltd Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
Bobby Schultz p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Fiskal Burlingame, California
Bobby Schultz g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Fiskal Burlingame, California
Bobby Schultz m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Fiskal Burlingame, California
Sanjeev Agarwal s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Alpha Quantum Capital Management Ltd., Cayman Islands United Arab Emirates
Anil Annaiah a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Annleela, Brand Radianz - Me The Changemaker Bengaluru Area, India
Wouter de Vries m***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO Antagonist B.V. Enschede Area, Netherlands
Dan Richardson d***[email protected]***m Founder + CEO Helixaeon Inc San Francisco, California
Praful Chavda p***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Los Altos, California
Shilpy Goyal s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Jiyo Organic Mumbai Area, India
Ambika Tiku t***[email protected]***m Founder CEO MomSays Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai Area, India
Len Gray l***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Common Legal New York, New York
Brian Wise w***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Cix Health Chantilly, Virginia
Nicola Lockwood-Hall n***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO OP Consulting Cape Town Area, South Africa
Mikael Östling m***[email protected]***i Founder & CEO Mios Agency Stockholm, Sweden
Alex Pilafidis Greer a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO SIGNAL HQ Denver, Colorado
Renaud Lacroix r***[email protected]***r Founder & CEO DealMeeting Paris Area, France
Jack Hebert j***[email protected]***g Founder/ CEO CCHRC Anchorage, Alaska Area
Jing Zhu j***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Dashboard Story, Inc. San Francisco, California
Hugues Defreville h***[email protected]***g Founder & CEO newHeat Bordeaux, France
Rob Grumbach r***[email protected]***m Founder CEO ARM Marketing Inc. Toronto, Canada Area
Peter Harrigan p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Grey Swan Digital San Francisco, California
Alexander Chervinsky w***[email protected]***t Founder, CEO Data Commanders, Inc. Needham Heights, Massachusetts
Tobias Tanner t***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Valise Berlin Area, Germany
Sungho Lee c***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Musetown San Francisco Bay Area
Ekaterina Sharapova E***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO LittleOwlsHut Falkirk, Falkirk, United Kingdom
Mano Miyata m***[email protected]***t Founder/CEO MSM Consulting International Ltd. Scottsdale, Arizona
Satyakiran Paruchuru k***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO CloudLync Techsol Pvt Ltd Hyderabad Area, India
stephanie whittier s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Tranquility Spheres Inc. Greater New York City Area
Rakhee Gorthi r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Stovl Consulting Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Vijay Mani v***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Covey Inc San Francisco Bay Area
Gao Danny d***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Beijing HDJ Investmemt & Management Consulting Co., Ltd Beijing City, China
Sylvana Coche s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Gravity Pro Consulting, LLC Orange County, California Area
Bruno Sallé de Chou b***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO EUKEM SAS Paris Area, France
Alex Early a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO The Early Air Way Greater Los Angeles Area
Jerry Thomas MBA. MHA. j***[email protected]***g Founder | CEO Enviroclean USA, LLC Norcross, Georgia
Larry Smith l***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Leading Edge Advisory Firm (LEAF LLC) Indianapolis, Indiana Area
Shane Amyx s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Wish Alerts, Inc. Gainesville, Florida Area
Andrew Newman a***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Reason Cybersecurity Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
Katalin Szomolányi s***[email protected]***m founder, CEO Planet Fanatics' Network Ltd. Hungary area
Michael Santoro m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Santoro and Georgetti Postsecondary Educational Consultants, LLC. Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area
Savio Iyer s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Beanstalk Productions Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Tobias Knecht k***[email protected]***e Founder & CEO Abusix, Inc. Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Akeim Kelly c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO American Sports Kidz Greater Los Angeles Area
Terry Wells t***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO TOWELDRY Greater Seattle Area
Roman Wunderlich r***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO The Wunderful Group Miami, Florida
Andrew Craddock a***[email protected]***k Founder & CEO Commercial Finance Solutions UK Limited East Barming, Kent, United Kingdom
Desiree Moodie g***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Cats Meow Media Greater New York City Area
Roberto Plaja r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Orthos Advisory AG Zürich Area, Switzerland
Shyamsunder Anantharaman a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO RAINMAKER SOLUTIONS Thane, Maharashtra, India
Elza Kazemi e***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Crystal Invest AB - Stockholm, Sweden
Marjan Ghara g***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Greater New York City Area
Vibeke Nannerup v***[email protected]***k Founder & CEO Liquidminds Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Sue Enquist B***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO ONE Softball San Clemente, California
David López Rodríguez d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Cibergob, S.L. Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain
Gustavo Asuar g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO CREATECNA San Francisco Bay Area
Juozas Kaziukėnas j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Marketplace Pulse Greater New York City Area
Kimberly Koch k***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Tripwireless Inc. Greater Denver Area
Vijay PG v***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Stochastic Data Sciences Private Limited Chennai Area, India
Gabriel Hudson g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Competitive Edge Tutoring and Academic Consulting (CETAC) Washington, District Of Columbia
Jan Sircus j***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Arts Vista Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Muata Jordan Langley, MPA j***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO peopleslens|foto & Media Laurel, Maryland
Lidia D. Czarkowska, PhD l***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Quality of Life Institute Warsaw, Masovian District, Poland
Arlene Gladney, CBAP, MBA a***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO Precise Requirements, LLC Forest Park, Illinois
Ash Roy a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Live Smart K.K. Within 23 wards, Tokyo, Japan
Neil Smith, PA-C, MBA n***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Symbia Allergy Solutions Erie, Colorado
Aimee Sutton-Kaduscwicz a***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Sutton Management and Consulting Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area
Falguni Thakkar f***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Enable Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Anurag Kulshrestha a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO McTranz Global Mumbai Area, India
Berta Luna Vilalta b***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO ABESKOM, LLC United Arab Emirates
Perry Lane p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Nantucket Baby, Inc. Greater Boston Area
Josh Green j***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Green Tribe Sounds (formerly Greenhouse Records LLC) New York, New York
Jeffrey Specter j***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO TUNEGENIE Greater New York City Area
Ehud (Udi) Almon e***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Orama-Med Haifa Area, Israel
Roger C. Britton r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO FundTrading, LLC Sacramento, California Area
Rutger Bruining R***[email protected]***u Founder & CEO Story Terrace London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Brian Kovalesky b***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Contextua Los Angeles, California
Aldona Puchalska a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Eureka Financial Ltd London, United Kingdom
Cristiano Nobrega c***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Tail Target São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Joel Zamboni j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Webera Reston, Virginia
Sameer Shariff s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Impelsys Inc. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Emmanuel De Rycker e***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Promotional Space Limited London, United Kingdom
Reuven Bakalash r***[email protected]***l Founder, CEO Adshir Ltd. Rehovot Area, Israel
Alice Cheng c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Culinary Agents Greater New York City Area
Dave Kephart d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO IT4 Group, Inc. Greater Philadelphia Area
Manish Chowdhary m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Moet Greater New York City Area
Lea Dzhin l***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Integrated Academics Washington D.C. Metro Area
Vinit Garg m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Mylo Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Manpreet S Ahluwalia m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Celestials Inc New Delhi Area, India
Abdul Jaleel Mohammed m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO IPDecision™ Research & Knowledge Services Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Jordan Darragh j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO PrintReleaf, Inc. Greater Denver Area
Josep M. Escuer j***[email protected]***s Founder & CEO Tecnologia Regenerativa Qrem Barcelona Area, Spain
Miguel Toruño m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Dress Code Rules San Francisco Bay Area
AKINTERINWA OLAKUNLE FULLHOUSE o***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Fullhouse Project Services Ltd Nigeria
Hrvoje Smolić h***[email protected]***m Founder | CEO Qualia d.o.o. Ireland
Julie Demsey j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Demsey Coaching & Consulting Sydney, Australia
Geir Havnelid g***[email protected]***o Founder, CEO Edux as Oslo Area, Norway
Joe Settineri l***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Settineri Financial Productions Greater Los Angeles Area
Will Strohl w***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Upendo Ventures, LLC San Francisco Bay Area
Falk Willis f***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Greater New York City Area
Laura Rodini l***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Paisley Green, LLC Baltimore, Maryland Area
Hessam Lavi h***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Jobspotting (Acquired by SmartRecruiters) Berlin Area, Germany
Adewale Oparinde o***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO EZFarming Washington D.C. Metro Area
Omar Radi o***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO RAF Financial Consulting Saudi Arabia
Drew Knapp d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO goodideaZS Montclair, New Jersey
Sandra Kwak s***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO 10Power San Francisco Bay Area
Amit Mukhopadhyay, Respecting People a***[email protected]***n Founder CEO Talent Zone Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Chris Schembri c***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Aletheia Marketing & Media Dallas, Texas
Gary Sheely g***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO 1Eighty Consulting Tulsa, Oklahoma Area
Liz Larin l***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Bona Dea Music Greater Detroit Area
Sunil Tagare n***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO OpenCables, Inc. Los Altos, California
Adam Galach, CISSP, CRISC a***[email protected]***l Founder & CEO Galach Consulting Warsaw, Masovian District, Poland
Dayo Olabisi d***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Tixzy Consulting Greater Atlanta Area
Amalendu Hajraa a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Web2UI Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Charles Pyo c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Chain Partners Korea
Theodore Perkins t***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Snikrep Productions/SOAQ Productions Greater Los Angeles Area
Sailesh Gadalay t***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Aadhya Consulting Services Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Dean Madison d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO TD Madison & Associates Norfolk, Virginia Area
Gaurav Nabh g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Korra South Delhi, Delhi, India
Viviana Mejani v***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO Pablicando Milan Area, Italy
David O'Neal d***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO Getting to Eleven Seattle, Washington
Stefán Baxter s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Quick Lookup Iceland
Rodolfo Junco r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Cardinal Point Capital, S.A. de C.V. Monterrey Area, Mexico
Sapna Pinto Tauro s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO GREAT ADVANCEMENT Greater Atlanta Area
John Wellehan j***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO CloudMode Chicago, Illinois
Santosh Abraham a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Research NXT Pune, Maharashtra, India
Davide Motta d***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO GSI Teleinformatica Genoa Area, Italy
Aya Takeuchi t***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Emi Couple San Francisco Bay Area
Roberto Baibich i***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Awful Code Brooklyn, New York
Manish Ganeriwala m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Adpack Systems Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Anand Chatterjee a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Medisurge Technologies Pvt Ltd Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Matias Rivero r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Pixels Hive Argentina
Gary J. Cooper g***[email protected]***t Founder / CEO StageGuage Greater New York City Area
Nuno Frazão f***[email protected]***m FOUNDER & CEO Positive Benefits Lisbon Area, Portugal
Ben Garrison B***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO 64Bytes Carlsbad, California
Ernest Perez e***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO BMI NCR - National Capital Region, Philippines
Dez Stephens, ACC d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Radiant Health Institute, LLC Nashville, Tennessee
Marianna Minigubajeva m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Minigubajeva Consulting France
Jifeng Lei j***[email protected]***n Founder &CEO Anbison Lab. China
Stacey Sell s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Market the Metro Lincoln, Nebraska Area
Bahi Ghubril b***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Zawarib London, Greater London, United Kingdom
EIJI DOI e***[email protected]***p Founder & CEO Elies Book Consulting Within 23 wards, Tokyo, Japan
Jeff Kitchens j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Braselton, Georgia
Greg McCarthy g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Sisu Talent Greater Boston Area
Anwar Idriss a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO IDRISS Entertainment Saudi Arabia
Steve Pindar s***[email protected]***g Founder & CEO Roberto's Kids Albany, New York Area
Melissa Moss m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO CatalystZone, LLC Jacksonville, Florida Area
Tauseef H. Farooqi t***[email protected]***m FOUNDER & CEO ALTER CONSULTING LTD United Arab Emirates
Georg van Handel g***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO World Sound Corporation Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Judy Grossman g***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Red Fox Communications, LLC Tenafly, New Jersey
Deirdre Parlon d***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Black Oak Staffing Solutions (B.O.S.S.) Greater Boston Area
Andrew Naples a***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO Sagacis, Inc. Greater Atlanta Area
Gabriel Miller g***[email protected]***r Founder / CEO CAPTIA Argentina
Ibrahim Alsamhan i***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Organization Clinics Saudi Arabia
Flavio D'Annunzio f***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Digital for Business Milan Area, Italy
Ludell Love k***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO R and R Images Tokyo, Japan
Prathit Thaker p***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO CircleLink, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
Robert Polkowski r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Artificial Cognition, Inc. New York, New York
Farshid Fotouhi f***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Feabo Inc Greater Los Angeles Area
Richard Harber r***[email protected]***m Founder | CEO decision digital inc. Atlanta, Georgia
Elinor Fish e***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Run Wild Retreats + Wellness Carbondale, Colorado
Matt Craighead c***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Conifer Systems LLC Austin, Texas Area
Peyush Bansal p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO New Delhi, Delhi, India
John Gu j***[email protected]***u Founder & CEO AlphaLab Capital Puerto Rico
Kehinde Oniru-Adewole p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Ejire Garment Factory Greater Atlanta Area
Natalie Mc Farlane n***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Positive Impact Law Group Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jasbir Chohan j***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Onix Life Sciences Ltd Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Majeed Ghadialy m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Textellent, Inc. Irving, Texas
Nav Sandhu N***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO SaaSDirect San Francisco Bay Area
Clare Flynn Levy c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Essentia Analytics Greater New York City Area
Abhishek Agarwal a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Bold Kiln Noida Area, India
Heather Hamilton, MBA h***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Zoe Organics, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
Arun Agrawal a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Ebizindia Consulting Private Limited Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Jason Hartley h***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Cultisan London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Antonio Figueiredo a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO OptionsFlux Porto Area, Portugal
Natalia Tylevich (Smirnova) S***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Social Lab Moscow, Russian Federation
Saraf Khan s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO zapak solutions Bangalore, India
Cheryl Schirillo c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Bridges Connecting Communities ( Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina Area
Bradford Owen b***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Admiralty Global Marketing Solutions Greater Los Angeles Area
Aleksandra Zhdanova a***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Jungle Kids Moscow, Russian Federation
Xuebin Gu g***[email protected]***n Founder & CEO WeMeet Shanghai City, China
Searcy Morgan s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Matterlab Austin, Texas
Ann C. Oleson B***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Converge Consulting, Multi-channel Marketing Cedar Rapids, Iowa Area
Son Van s***[email protected]***m Founder CEO QuikRoom Vietnam
Ioannis Bagos j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO DiagnoSpecials OÜ London, United Kingdom
Katie Goodspeed k***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO GOODSPEED New York, New York
Greg Sarnow g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Direct Response Academy Inc. Austin, Texas Area
James La Trobe-Bateman j***[email protected]***k Founder & CEO reMODEL International London, United Kingdom
Colin Miles c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO High Altitude Media / Cambridge, United Kingdom
Mary Gimigliano Erichsen m***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO CeaSalt - Gourmet Gluten Free and Vegan Gift Boxes Portland, Oregon Area
Love Bhatnagar l***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Career Transition & Training Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Assaf Ariel a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO BehavioReal Jerusalem Area, Israel
Jewel Jackson b***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Innovaders Marketing Group Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
Aaron Patzer a***[email protected]***u Founder & CEO Vital Software Auckland, New Zealand
Malou Tiquia l***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO PUBLiCUS Asia Inc. NCR - National Capital Region, Philippines
Mo Maghsoudnia m***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO UltraSense Systems San Francisco Bay Area
Påhl Melin p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Functional Bling AB Linkoping, Sweden
Alexandre Rambaud a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Agendize France
Michelle Vitus m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Slate Advisers San Francisco Bay Area
Hakan KILIÇLAR h***[email protected]***m FOUNDER / CEO Kılıçlar Global Montenegro
Christian Bremeau b***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Meta Integration Technology, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
Mads Haahr m***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO RANDOM.ORG Ireland
Dorothy M. Johnson d***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO WorkWivesGlobal New York, New York
Greg Berry g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO, LLC Greater Philadelphia Area
Olha Bosak O***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Olha Bosak Management Consulting Ukraine
Vipul Kasera v***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Jim Fenstermaker j***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO eCare Manage, Inc. Carmel Valley, California
Carrie-Anne Mercer c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Connected Accelerated Marketing Ottawa, Canada Area
Gonçalo Soares da Costa g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Fonte Online Porto Area, Portugal
Jijimon Chandran j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO ACSIA Technologies Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Sachin Chaudhary c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO MEDICAL SECOND OPINION Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Atun Sjadzali Purbo a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Madera Kitchen Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia
Nerea Mayor m***[email protected]***m founder&CEO PROMAYOR REAL ESTATE SL Madrid Area, Spain
Matthew M. Schneider m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Aspen Analytics - Commercial Real Estate Consulting New York, New York
Candace Coleman c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Blüm Beverages Los Angeles, California
Samir Shah s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Strategic Growth Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Norman Portnow n***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Creative Wealth Planning, LLC Greater New York City Area
Luca Fenati l***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO Fluxus hr Rome Area, Italy
Nick Mutt n***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Elite Informatics Udaipur Area, India
Nacho Lafuente n***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Datumize Barcelona Area, Spain
Tayfun Sungun t***[email protected]***r Founder & CEO Turkey
Mary Dobrin m***[email protected]***m Founder CEO Dobrin Headache Mangement Program, LLC Cincinnati, Ohio Area
Dimitris Amentas d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO D2S Consulting Greece
William Rosenthal b***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO Visibility and Conversions Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Area
Ross W. King r***[email protected]***m Founder / CEO Hemp Bio-Sciences, LLC Greater Denver Area
Ulla Maaria Koivula u***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Thinglink Palo Alto, California
Mary Bonomo m***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO 14th & Boom United States
Morten Nielsen c***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Danjournal ApS Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Mujeong Jeong m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO ORIGIN GAMES Korea
Dan Daftari d***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Hotel Residences, Inc Los Angeles, California
Nils Hocke n***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO WebfoxBlue GmbH Berlin Area, Germany
Yariv Oz Y***[email protected]***l Founder & CEO Orscan Technologies Israel
Anuj Khandelwal a***[email protected]***m Founder CEO Sofmen Inc. San Carlos, California
Majid M. Seraj, Pharm.D. m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO NEXDERM, Inc. Greater Los Angeles Area
Guy BOSELLI g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Sound & Colors SAS Paris Area, France
Ariel Barbouth a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Nuchas Weehawken, New Jersey
Reena (Harjeet) Kalra h***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Adah Handcrafted Magic Gurgaon, India
Alexandre Giess a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Iskandar Consulting San Francisco Bay Area
Charlotte Blou Sand c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO True Energy ApS Hørsholm, Capital Region, Denmark
Dave Boettcher d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Abode Energy Management Massachusetts, United States
Kamran Ghalchi k***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO UAidV Greater Los Angeles Area
Barbara Shaw b***[email protected]***m Founder CEO LIla - Advancing Women in Business Sydney, State of New South Wales
Calvin Watkins, Jr. c***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Center for Finance, Investment and Entrepreneurship Baltimore, Maryland Area
Chris Kreis, MD c***[email protected]***d Founder, CEO ASP.MD Inc. Cambridge, Massachusetts
Tzachi Ben-Itzhak t***[email protected]***l Founder & CEO Omnitelecom Netanya Area, Israel
Chungwen Wu c***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Greater San Diego Area
Bryan Stafford b***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO BankOnMedia Greater Los Angeles Area
Scott Ward w***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Digital Infusions Sydney, Australia
Bibi Kasrai b***[email protected]***m FOUNDER &CEO Harvard Cookin'Girl Greater San Diego Area
Silpa Yadla s***[email protected]***m Founder/Ceo Nook + Cove Barrington, Illinois
Jodi Luber j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO THEJEWISHKITCHEN.COM Andover, Massachusetts
Maria Luisa Fuchs f***[email protected]***h Founder & CEO Mia Lou AG Rorschach, Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Sujo John s***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO YouCanFree.Us Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Kim-Ly KONG k***[email protected]***r Founder & CEO Smartxpansion Paris Area, France
Gavin Wedell g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Sydney, Australia
Alan Kircher a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Artwork Network Greater Denver Area
Yaniv Shor s***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Proggio Israel
anne herron a***[email protected]***m Founder | CEO market science Atlanta, Georgia
Heather Everist Gill h***[email protected]***m Founder + CEO The Everist & Co. Saint Paul, Minnesota
Gabriel Faflei g***[email protected]***o Founder&CEO Monopoly Advertising/Media/Digital Romania
Larry T. Grant, Jr. l***[email protected]***m Founder/ CEO GRANTING AVENUES LLC United States
Elizabeth Einhorn e***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Experience Threee Greater Philadelphia Area
Dragos Axinte t***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Novo Fogo Greater Seattle Area
Ashod Derandonyan a***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Listen Up Foundation Bulgaria area
Dean Macri d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Cielo Mobile Greater Boston Area
David Cox c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Boot Camp Foods London, United Kingdom
Dan Miranda b***[email protected]***m Founder/ CEO The Rentalist Greater New York City Area
Ejaz Hoda e***[email protected]***m Founder CEO Market Pulse Noida Area, India
Bibhuprasad Swain b***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO JustOutdoor Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Shamsher Vellani s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Pisano Capital Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Joi Chevalier j***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO The Cook's Nook Austin, Texas
Maxwell Folley m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Caravel Portland, Oregon
Arunn Bhagavathula a***[email protected]***m Founder CEO Manhunt Consultants Hyderabad Area, India
Sajeer TK s***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Flyingloop Technologies Kozhikode, Kerala, India
Andrew Davidsburg a***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Organized Trip Astoria, New York
Dean Schuss d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Kilroy Creations Farmingdale, New York
Chris Jordan c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO CLJ Advisory Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area
Tejas Sangoi s***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO Thalia Technologies Pvt Ltd Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Dago Zuniga d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO DIFFERENCE Financial & Insurance Services Hermosa Beach, California
Matthew Tamayo m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO OpenLattice Menlo Park, California
Kristian Høyrup k***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO KSH venture capital Greater Los Angeles Area
Justin Whitman J***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO UMuseUs Hedgesville, West Virginia
Israel Lavee, l***[email protected]***l Founder & CEO ISSI Technologies Ltd Haifa Area, Israel
Mee Choi m***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO Jinga-hi, Inc Sunnyvale, California
Hollis Meminger h***[email protected]***m FOUNDER/CEO BRIDGEBUILDER CINEMATIC ARTS Bronx, New York
Kenneth Boudreau k***[email protected]***t Founder/CEO Embassy Security Group Chicago, Illinois
Oleg Nesterov n***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO MindK Ukraine
Marco Zanchi m***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO srl Bergamo Area, Italy
Nora Kurtin n***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Sapos y Princesas Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Alessandro Pilotti a***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO Cloudbase Solutions Srl Timis County, Romania
Lori Kershner l***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO LMK Advocacy Columbus, Ohio
Chris Simms c***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Huntington Beach, California
Nathalie Hoffman n***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Brazil Business Link Marina Del Rey, California
Alan Rosenbaum A***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO GuardHill Financial Corp Greater New York City Area
Arnaud Schleich a***[email protected]***m Co Founder, CEO and Chairman PLDA Group San Jose, California
Kathie Flood k***[email protected]***m Managing Director/Co-founder & CEO Cascade Game Foundry, SPC Kirkland, Washington
Liad Kashanovsky m***[email protected]***m Co Founder CEO and CTO Veeca Me Judea and Samaria Area, Israel
Pàscal Casadei c***[email protected]***m Co-Founder, CEO and CTO Wikifriend UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Rome Area, Italy
Neil Aitken n***[email protected]***k Co-Founder & CEO of WhatPhone Sydney, Australia
Stefanie Hofemann s***[email protected]***m Service Designer, Co-Founder & CEO Spark Studio Ltd. Helsinki Area, Finland
Margaret Warren m***[email protected]***m Owner/Founder/CEO/Designer Metadata Authoring Systems, LLC Gulf Breeze, Florida
Marko Seppä m***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO, Head of Co-Founder Services Global Enabler Corporation Finland
Claudia Timbo c***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO & President CompanyVoice, LLC Greater Philadelphia Area
Rao Dronamraju r***[email protected]***t Founder, CEO & CTO 7 Hills Innovations LLC. Spring, Texas
Michael Darden m***[email protected]***m Founder - CEO & President A Deeper View Alpharetta, Georgia
Joe Ampaabeng g***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO Midtown Software Greater New York City Area
María Gabriela Fong m***[email protected]***z Founder, CEO, Innovator MAGA Systems & Consulting Panama
Todd Lytle t***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO/COO UnitedFilmmaker Los Angeles, California
Roshni Anand r***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO @ Charmed Celebrations Mumbai Area, India
Steve Harkey s***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO, President Accent Music, Inc. Greater Philadelphia Area
Robert Rosario r***[email protected]***m Principle/Founder/CEO IncuBiz Marketing Group Greater Los Angeles Area
Thomas Gazagnaire t***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO & CTO Tarides Paris Area, France
Melanie Barsuk m***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO, Chef The Simple Gourmet Kitchen Inc. Greater Los Angeles Area
Aaron Levenstadt a***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO & Investor Pedestal Search Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Catherine Mittleman c***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO, Instructor Slinky Productions San Francisco Bay Area
Balaji Krishnammagaru b***[email protected]***m Co founder , CEO and Managing Director MedOnGo Health Pvt Ltd. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Roisin Callaghan r***[email protected]***e Co-Founder & CEO Cogs & Marvel USA Cogs & Marvel San Francisco, California
Patrick Constant p***[email protected]***m Co-founder, Owner & CEO Pertimm Paris Area, France
Swati Dokania s***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO at La-Monnaie Skills La-Monnaie Skills Mumbai Area, India
Emily Brady e***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO - Strategic Supply Chain Analysis Avid Pear Ireland
Michael Gosney m***[email protected]***m CEO, co-founder Cyberset Music and Media San Francisco, California
Lars Haagh l***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder Iridium Waterproof Communication Systems ApS Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Michael Herzog m***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder nexB, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
KAZAR Yassir y***[email protected]***m CEO & Co Founder Yogosha Paris Area, France
Clive Rudd Fernandez, MBA d***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Coin2Fly Miami, Florida
Richard Bisso r***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Hyperkinetic Studios LLC Culver City, California
Pierre BARREAUD p***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder Paris Area, France
Kirill Pronine k***[email protected]***m CEO/ Co-Founder ride.bln Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Brian YinJen Chen B***[email protected]***h CEO / Co-Founder Voyager Technologies Inc. (V-Tech Inc.) Canada
Diego Fernandez d***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder BIBA Venture Partners Barcelona Area, Spain
Jérôme Pittie j***[email protected]***u CEO, Co-Founder EthicHR Luxembourg
Michael Reilly m***[email protected]***u CEO & Co-founder Excelse Bio Oak Park, California
Manuel Amutio Peraita m***[email protected]***s CEO & Co-Founder Kirale Technologies Logroño, La Rioja, Spain
MARCIO BERGER m***[email protected]***r CEO & Co Founder Peak Invest Brasil Brazil
Leandro Camargo Araujo Lima l***[email protected]***m CEO, Co-Founder TDSIS São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Axel Palmaers a***[email protected]***m CEO & co-founder Brussels, Brussels Capital Region, Belgium
Bernard De Groote b***[email protected]***e CEO / CO-founder Mobit Belgium Gent Area, Belgium
Yuval Levin y***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder PDP Technologies Other
Marcelo Cora m***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Urban Station Argentina
Johannes Vermeire j***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder POM nv Antwerp Berchem, Flanders, Belgium
Ofer J. Laksman l***[email protected]***m CEO, Co-Founder Correlata Solutions Ltd. Yavne, HaMerkaz (Central) District, Israel
Adam Schaub a***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Strange Quest AB Stockholm, Sweden
Henrik Ørstrup h***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder VillaHus ApS Roskilde, Zealand Region, Denmark
René Vergé r***[email protected]***a CEO & Co-Founder VoD2 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Peter Falkson p***[email protected]***m CEO & co-founder National Sleep & Respiratory Greater Boston Area
Dmitry Zakhariev d***[email protected]***m CEO, Co-founder SoftFormula Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Cetin Uygun c***[email protected]***m CEO & Co Founder HSE Global A.Ş. Toronto, Canada Area
Carlos Nicolas Clavaguera n***[email protected]***m Ceo & Co-Founder Onix Construcciones Argentina
Ryan Pennington r***[email protected]***t CEO & Co-Founder XavierLab Greater Los Angeles Area
Thomas Weihrauck Sjølin t***[email protected]***k CEO & co-founder Throb IVS Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Nick Medina n***[email protected]***m CEO/Co-Founder The M2 Group Phoenix, Arizona Area
Raj Raheja r***[email protected]***m CEO, Co-Founder Heartwood 3D San Mateo, California
Anna Valli a***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder CityRadar Belfast, United Kingdom
Jaleh Rezaei j***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder Mutiny San Francisco Bay Area
María Fernanda González Gutiérrez m***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder MOCA Platform Barcelona Area, Spain
Robert Norton r***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder Verisart London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Graeme Devine g***[email protected]***m CEO / co-founder GRL Games United States
Leonard de Tilly l***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder FundShop Paris Area, France
Vibhore Kumar v***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder Unscrambl, Inc Greater Atlanta Area
David Tischler d***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder ZetaGen Therapeutics San Francisco Bay Area
Fabio Núñez Iturriaga f***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder Barcelona Area, Spain
Stefano Gullà s***[email protected]***m CEO, Co-founder Abcuro, Inc Boston, Massachusetts
Sofia Garcia Laborde s***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Zimbiosis Argentina
Mauricio ALVAREZ MORPHY m***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Flip Technologies Naucalpan de Juárez Area, Mexico
Klas Wahlström m***[email protected]***m CEO/Co-Founder Nex2Do Stockholm, Sweden
Justin Brodeur j***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Pidalia Greater Boston Area
Bianca Gates b***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Birdies, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
Balraj Dhillon b***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder WendiHealth Toronto, Canada Area
Julien Martel m***[email protected]***m CEO Co-founder Akewatu Bordeaux Area, France
Gyanendra Acharya u***[email protected]***m CEO & Co Founder Ekistics Solutions Khorda, Orissa, India
Gonzalo Sanzana g***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder AIRA Virtual Chile
Jim Finch j***[email protected]***m CEO / Co-founder Superior Sensor Technology Los Gatos, California
Chris Nicholson c***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder - Deep learning for Industry San Francisco, California
Axel Hensen a***[email protected]***e CEO & Co-founder UJAM Bremen Area, Germany
Vladimir Sakharov z***[email protected]***m CEO, Co-founder SalesDoubler Ukraine
Jon Hess j***[email protected]***m CEO/Co-Founder GK HESS & Co., Inc. Brentwood, California
Iona Hobosyan i***[email protected]***m Ceo & Co Founder armWings The Hague Area, Netherlands
Nataraj Dubbaka n***[email protected]***m CEO/Co-Founder Denovomobile Greater Atlanta Area
Lin Dai l***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Hooch Greater New York City Area
Thiago Malpetti t***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Henrik Hofmeister h***[email protected]***k CEO, Co-Founder Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Amanda Boyd a***[email protected]***m CEO, Co-Founder Emergency Response Strategies Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Kameswararao Tangudu k***[email protected]***m CEO, Co-Founder Agriezone Bangalore, India
Carla Dickerson d***[email protected]***m CEO, Co-Founder Self-Employed Silver Spring, Maryland
Ken Greathouse k***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Hesperian BioPharma San Francisco Bay Area
Ivo Mesters i***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder SiteLucent Maastricht Area, Netherlands
Maija Itkonen m***[email protected]***m CEO, Co-founder Gold&Green Foods Ltd Helsinki Area, Finland
Deborah Santiago d***[email protected]***g CEO, Co-Founder Excelencia in Education Arlington, Virginia
Taru Eklöf t***[email protected]***m CEO & CO-founder Hepoteq Turku Area, Finland
Alex Korenfeld k***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Креатив Хауз Russian Federation
Damiano Ramazzotti d***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder WeTipp Milan Area, Italy
Andrei Bernovski a***[email protected]***m CEO, Co-Founder Price&Cost Estonia
Varina Baldi v***[email protected]***m CEO & Co Founder Magoya Argentina
Kristijan Danilovski k***[email protected]***m CEO / co-founder fx3x Macedonia
Anil Raj a***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder OMC Ltd. Stockholm, Sweden
Nivi Padhy n***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Tikkl San Francisco Bay Area
Øyvind Lundgreen o***[email protected]***m CEO & co-founder abcb as Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Baruch Buchbinder b***[email protected]***m CEO & CO-Founder CyberRed Karnei Shomron, Judea and Samaria District, Israel
Michael Palmquist m***[email protected]***m CEO, Co-Founder SolarNexus Inc San Francisco Bay Area
Art Muldoon a***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder Accordant Media Greater New York City Area
Shalinee Sharma s***[email protected]***u CEO & co-Founder Zearn New York, New York
Joseph Giovinazzo j***[email protected]***g CEO & Co-Founder Omni Productions LLC Washington D.C. Metro Area
Nathan Persky n***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Healthagent Jerusalem Area, Israel
Nasser Afkir n***[email protected]***s CEO & Co-founder Fraktal5 Barcelona Area, Spain
Alexandra Eidens a***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Big Life Journal New York, New York
Marouan OMEZZINE m***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Naviacom Sousse Governorate, Tunisia
Jarrold Ong j***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder SWAT - Dynamic Ridesharing Tech Singapore
Brian Stafford b***[email protected]***m CEO / Co-founder nativeMsg Chicago, Illinois
Andres Constantinidis a***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder TinyBytes Chile
Ivan Osmak i***[email protected]***m CEO & co-founder gtmhub Croatia
Miguel Angel Vargas m***[email protected]***m CEO / Co-Founder Osorno Analytics - Account-Based Marketing & AI Solution Chile
Todd McKinnon t***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Okta, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
Peter Kastrup-Misir p***[email protected]***m CEO, Co-founder CO/PLUS Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Jill Whiskeyman, MS, CMC j***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Simpatico Studios Greater Philadelphia Area
Karim Ullah k***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder Brohmon London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Nicolò Capone n***[email protected]***t Ceo | Co-Founder LeadBI Chieti Area, Italy
Alex Capecelatro a***[email protected]***u CEO, co-founder Beverly Hills, California
Roman Apostol r***[email protected]***m CEO, co-founder Mate academy Ukraine
Roman Apostol g***[email protected]***m CEO, co-founder Mate academy Ukraine
Ward Van Der Put i***[email protected]***l CEO & co-founder StoreCore HQ Eindhoven, Netherlands
Arifusalam Shaikh, PhD, CSCP a***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-Founder Creatros Technologies Inc St. John’s, Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada
Vesa-Matti Mattsson v***[email protected]***i CEO, co-founder Tempo Music Design Oy Helsinki Area, Finland
Robert Barnard r***[email protected]***t CEO, Co-founder DECODE Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Stephane Hamel h***[email protected]***m CEO & Co-founder Skydel Solutions Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
Jeff Lefebvre t***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO, Chief Architect LanHUB Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Sekou Andrews B***[email protected]***m Poetic Voice, Founder/CEO SekouWorld Inc. Greater Los Angeles Area
Sachin Kelkar s***[email protected]***m Founder , CEO & Managing Director i2Eye Interactive Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Kyle Milnes k***[email protected]***m Founder // CEO // Principal Consultant Global Computing (sole trader) Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany
Eugene Elikov d***[email protected]***u Founder, CEO & Product Designer Sverdlovsk Region, Russian Federation
Sandy Boone s***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO, and Counselor Foothold Counseling, LLC Columbia, South Carolina Area
Bryan Dalessandro b***[email protected]***m Founder | CEO | Brand Sherpa The Humans New York, New York
Mark Anleitner, CFP® m***[email protected]***m Wealth Advisor, Founder, CEO 360 Wealth Advisor Valparaiso, Indiana
Stephanie Holland s***[email protected]***m Founder/ CEO - "Captain Awesome" Squadra Ent. -- Event Consultant & Production Firm Washington, District Of Columbia
Shelly Rangsiyakul s***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO & CREATIVE DIRECTOR POPsocial, Inc. Santa Monica, California
David Bessoudo d***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO at Himydata himydata Nice Area, France
Maria Ruggieri t***[email protected]***t Maria Ruggieri - Founder/CEO Ti Adoro Jewelry Providence, Rhode Island
Leila Akli a***[email protected]***r Founder - ceo @pi-relations Pi- Relations - premiere agence de relations publiques 2.0 en Algérie. Algeria area
luc vereycken L***[email protected]***m CEO and co-Founder Owner PEC Antwerp Area, Belgium
Aviv Shapira a***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & CEO at XTEND | Extending Reality Skywards XTEND Israel
Erez Katz e***[email protected]***m Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder Lucena Research Atlanta, Georgia
Joey Chung j***[email protected]***w Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder The News Lens Taiwan
Ashley Crowder a***[email protected]***m Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer Vntana Santa Monica, California
Erez Ben-Kiki e***[email protected]***m Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer 2key Israel
Rob May r***[email protected]***m Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder Talla Brookline, Massachusetts
Jeff Wiguna j***[email protected]***m Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder San Francisco, California
Caleb Sexton r***[email protected]***m Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder Cone Health Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina Area
Raoul-Gabriel Urma m***[email protected]***m Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder cambridgecoding Milan Area, Italy
Daniel Cunningham b***[email protected]***m Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer CubeMonk Kansas City, Kansas
Conrad Persons C***[email protected]***m Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer Mash Strategy Studio London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Michael Nusimow n***[email protected]***m Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder Drchrono Inc. Mountain View, California
Matthew Berman m***[email protected]***m Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder SendSonar San Francisco, California
Sven Jacobson s***[email protected]***m Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder New York, New york
Rachel Law w***[email protected]***u Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer Kip New York, New York
Magesh Raghavan m***[email protected]***m Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder J&M Group Mississauga, Ontario
Oren Jacob o***[email protected]***m Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer pullstring San Francisco, California
Dawn Schippe, PG d***[email protected]***m Co-founder / Chief Executive Officer Mining Geology HQ Perth, Australia
Manuel Basilavecchia m***[email protected]***e Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer NetAxis Solutions Namur Area, Belgium
Andy Ambridge a***[email protected]***m Chief Executive Officer & Co Founder Alpine Laboratories AG Lucerne, Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland
James Wright j***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer 9thRoom, Inc. Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
Horst Pertl h***[email protected]***t Founder & CEO of HOPE-Consult HOPE-Consult Austria
Jesse Viner MD j***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO & Chief Medical Officer Yellowbrick Greater Chicago Area
Jemma L. St. Lawrence, M.S. j***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO of a startup ARTbnc Charlotte, North Carolina Area
Somak Chattopadhyay s***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO and Software Engineer MOBI Magic LLC Greater Seattle Area
Shajesh Menon s***[email protected]***m Founder CEO (Chief Inspiration Architect) The Younion Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Leo Linder l***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO at Emerge 360 Emerge Rochester, New York
Lauryn Chun L***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO and Cookbook Author MILKimchi Inc [Mother-in-Law's Kimchi] Greater New York City Area
Sarka Southern s***[email protected]***m Founder, CEO, and Scientific Director Gaia Medical Institute La Jolla, California
Patricia Plumb p***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO & Organizational/Leadership Consultant Plumb Leadership Consulting LLC Kansas City, Missouri Area
Paramendra Bhagat p***[email protected]***m Chairperson, Product Architect & Founder CEO Diyalo World Middletown, New York
Paul Landers p***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO: Chief Experience Officer BrandNue Strategic Creative Destin/Fort Walton Beach, Florida Area
Aviv Leshem A***[email protected]***m Founder & CEO, Telmil Israel & Avnet Herzliya Area, Israel
Aram Perez a***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO/Chief Tinkering Officer The STEAM Train Chattanooga, Tennessee
Jamie Buck j***[email protected]***m Founder/CEO | Digital Marketing Expert Search Crush SEO Baltimore, Maryland Area
Bartosz Jaskólski b***[email protected]***l CEO and co-founder e-Monaco sp. z o.o. Wroclaw, Lower Silesian District, Poland
Doug Pousma d***[email protected]***t CEO and Co-Founder Blue Trombone, LLC Littleton, Colorado
Mrunal Desai m***[email protected]***m Co-Founder and CEO AavGo San Francisco Bay Area
Parik Laxminarayan p***[email protected]***m CEO and Co-Founder Enchanting Travels Greater Denver Area
Jean-Christophe Leducq l***[email protected]***m Co Founder and CEO Lumiscaphe Bordeaux Area, France
Matthew Carey m***[email protected]***m Co-Founder and CEO Blueprint Income New York, New York
Tiago Garbim g***[email protected]***m CEO and Co-Founder Ativy Cloud Performance Solutions Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
Leo Resig l***[email protected]***m CEO and Co-Founder Resignation Media Austin, Texas
Yi Mao y***[email protected]***m Co-Founder and CEO Airebroker, Inc San Francisco Bay Area
Michael Broukhim b***[email protected]***m Co-CEO / Co-Founder FabFitFun Greater Los Angeles Area
Madhu Parthasarathy p***[email protected]***m Co-founder and CEO Spinmergy Cognitive Systems Bengaluru Area, India
Peter Scott p***[email protected]***k CEO and Co Founder Blue Beck Ltd. Macclesfield, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Henrik Tryon h***[email protected]***m Co-Founder and CEO IGX Solutions ApS Sealand Region, Denmark
Jennifer Kelly j***[email protected]***m Co-Founder & Co-CEO Pehr Designs Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Andy Pickles a***[email protected]***m Co Founder and CEO U-Explore Ltd Sheffield, United Kingdom
Antonio Ruzzelli a***[email protected]***m CEO and co-founder Wattics Ireland
Oded Hamburger o***[email protected]***m CEO and Co-Founder Sens4Care Israel
Zsigmond Kovari z***[email protected]***s CEO and Co-founder Linistry Hungary area
Alessandro Colafranceschi a***[email protected]***m CEO and co-founder Johannesburg Area, South Africa
Mohd Tabish Shams t***[email protected]***m Co-founder and CEO New Delhi Area, India
John Boyd j***[email protected]***m CEO and Co-Founder ShopSavvy Inc., COO and Co-Founder 250 King Street, San Francisco, California
Laura Indolfi l***[email protected]***u Co Founder and CEO PanTher Therapeutics Greater Boston Area
Yotam Oren y***[email protected]***m Co-Founder and CEO Mona Labs Atlanta, Georgia
Julie Polar J. de Greeve j***[email protected]***m Co Founder and CEO Homies Finest Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Chethan Ramachandran c***[email protected]***m CEO and co-founder Skillprint San Francisco, California
Jonathan Kolber j***[email protected]***m CEO and Co-Founder ILAC Toronto, Canada Area
Rodolphe BEREBY r***[email protected]***m CEO and Co-founder Place des Docteurs Paris Area, France
Jian Bao 鲍健 j***[email protected]***m Co-founder and CEO ZY Therapeutics Inc. Durham, North Carolina
Simon Davis s***[email protected]***m Co-Founder and CEO Mighty Bear Games Singapore
Patrick Bultema p***[email protected]***m Chairman, CEO & co-founder FoodMaven Colorado Springs, Colorado Area
Maria H. Andersen w***[email protected]***m CEO and Co-founder Coursetune, Inc. Sandy, Utah
Peter Vogt p***[email protected]***m Co-Founder and CEO Prepaid2Cash San Francisco, California
Fehintolu Olaogun f***[email protected]***m Co Founder and CEO CredPal Nigeria
Karen Vardazaryan k***[email protected]***m Co-Founder and CEO Memopin Armenia
Rahul Bhalerao b***[email protected]***m CEO, Director, Co-founder GnowTantra Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Lieng-Seng Wee d***[email protected]***t CEO and Co-Founder Dragonfly, LLC New York, New York
Dr. Moti Geva m***[email protected]***m Co-Founder and CEO Birmeeza Technologies Israel
Wojciech (Wojtek) Kaczor w***[email protected]***t Co-Founder and CEO Szczecin, West Pomeranian District, Poland
Oliver Pennington o***[email protected]***u Co-Founder & Joint-CEO ServiceSeeking Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia
Ran Simcha r***[email protected]***m CEO and Co-Founder Estateya Israel
Tracy Sterling-Shump t***[email protected]***s Co-Founder and CEO Mom's Antiques & Treasures, LLC Morrow, Ohio

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