How It Works?

Build highly targeted email and phone lists in just seconds.

target leads

Identify Target Audience

Through our software, you can peruse 10+ million professionals, identifying their career and sales positioning as it relates to your brand. Spend time mulling over our options to ensure you are curating the perfect audience.

filter leads

Select Filters

Filter through our contacts to arrive at your ideal targets. You can search by job title, executive level, company, industry, city, and state to compile highly targeted lists. After selecting your filters, update your search to review the results.

export leads

Export List

Once you’ve arrived at your leads, you can export your target list and receive their contact information for further nurturing the connection. Connect with professionals over email, social media, LinkedIn, and more.

We Love Data

We believe that data makes the world go round. That’s why, through our proprietary data software system, we are able to constantly refresh and provide a network of active, valueable leads just for you. Data tells a story, and we’re here to comprehend that story, developing a tool that enables you to build outreach lists in just seconds.

With Infonyze, access over 10 million B2B contacts, 1 million companies, 100 million emails, and 40 million numbers, putting you in direct contact with your future business partners. Are you ready to get started?


B2B Contacts







For Marketing

Targeted Email Lists

Email is the most effective way to build leads and network with other industry professionals today. According to the Huffington Post, 85% of the world connects through email, whereas only 62% connects through social media. We build you targeted email lists through our filters that enable you to pinpoint the exact persons you want to network with.

  • Identify your email list parameters
  • Compile lists according to search results; change the lists at any time
  • Utilize the list for email outreach every day
For Sales

Targeted Phone Number Lists

Cold calling is very much alive, with over 50% of companies claiming that their sales growth is attributed to outbound phone calls. Humans still desire a human connection at the end of the day, which is the kind of genuine effectiveness that comes through picking up a telephone. Here at Infonyze, we provide you with access to targeted phone numbers, kick-starting the sales outreach process for you so you only have to worry about closing the deals.

  • Identify your call list parameters
  • Compile a list that works for your targeted sales outreach.
  • Leverage the list in your outbound calls; keep track of responsive data

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