The New Era of B2B Sales Marketing

Gone are the days when B2B sales happened entirely over the phone and in-person. According to a Salesforce State of Marketing report, 73% of B2B marketers claim that email marketing is essential to growing their business. Even more eye opening, the B2B landscape is changing to millennial preferences, with more than half of the landscape being comprised of 18 to 34-year-olds today. B2B customers are using up to six different sales channels for interaction during their decision-making process.

The key to sales is convincing these B2B personnel, during that decision making process, to choose you and your company. That’s the golden ticket. But the problem is getting your hands on relevant, real-time profile information can be a serious challenge today.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that puts you ahead of the sales force curve using the most recent information possible, stick around to learn about the Infonyze platform.

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Infonyze Audiences

Our platform enables you to identify and curate your ideal audience, meaning the type of profile that will provide you with reliable customers. Finding the right person and personality that aligns with your company brand will help you make accurate marketing campaigns that play into their personal characteristics.

Once you identify a “buyer persona,” you need to know their roles, responsibilities, and the solutions they need to provide to their business. That’s where you step in and present them with your products and resources, which will make their job a lot easier.

Thankfully, with Infonyze, you can target the right audience using a variety of filters that cut down through demographics on the home dashboard. Through searching available profiles from over 300 million professionals, you’ll get to mull over:

Infonyze Triggers

Infonyze is a full-service B2B sales platform and dashboard that notifies you when a potential sales event is triggered through a prospect’s professional experience.

What does it look like?

If a prospect changes their title, location, and or position, whether it’s with their current or new company, you will be notified of these triggered changes immediately through Infonyze. Consequently, their profile will be updated in real-time to reflect these triggered changes. Other triggers include company expansion, bankruptcy, merger, new hires, growth, layoffs, and other kinds of activities that can actually make for a perfect sales opportunity.

Some examples of trigger pitches include for:

  • A New Job

    “Congratulations on the new role! We’re guessing you want to hit the ground running in this new title and want to know more about the challenges you’re facing after the new promotion. What are your new goals for yourself and for the company? We’d be happy to have a longer discussion on how our services can supplement your aspirations at this time.”

  • Relocation

    “Moving somewhere completely new for a job can be overwhelming and tiresome. Trust us, we know! It can seem like you have to re-learn everything there is to know about your town, apartment, and position. Though this can seem daunting, we’re happy to provide you with additional information for how we can make the process easier on you.”

Infonyze B2B Information

We are the best in the industry when it comes to providing you with real-time, accurate profile information that reflects the B2B players in your field today. Through our optimized software, we can help you find the most up-to-date and direct contact information for B2B professionals. Unlike competitors, our data is fresh and frequently cached, which means everything you’re viewing is happening in real-time.

It’s impossible to chase down prospects when you’re working with outdated information. The frequency at which turnover, relocations, and promotions happen within a business is nearly impossible to follow without technological support. Plus, with our up-to-date lists, you won’t waste time and money crafting marketing campaigns for individuals who might not even be at that designated organization anymore.

The world moves at a quick pace today. Stay one step ahead of your sales prospects with Infonyze.


Roy Kesserwani
Founder at Infonyze