Can't Find an Investor?

No matter how good a company's business model is, many still struggle with acquiring investors. Getting in touch with big names in any particular industry can be challenging. Majority of well funded seed accelerators, such as Y Combinator, are getting an influx of applications from businesses who are trying to create the next big thing. Others seek different channels to connect with these investors, but find no luck there either. Whatever category you fall in, you need to understand that it is time to re-evaluate your processes and try something else.

What if perhaps, you can bypass all the proper channels and reach the investor directly to have a one on one conversation? Before digging deep into how we can get easy access to investors, I would like to touch up on a few important points that you must understand before attempting to do anything.

Get Your Company Ready Before Seeking Investors

With the right solution, getting into a one-on-one conversation is the easy part, learning to communicate about yourself and your business correctly is what will guarantee a response and ultimately a business deal. Here are some points that can make the difference in landing an investor;

  • Understand what you are Presenting

    Your business is not an idea, but a functioning entity. So, the investor is interested in your model, how it scales, your product or services and the team in place to make the necessary moves that generate the results.

  • Target the Right Investors

    The whole idea of lead generation / sales intelligence software is to provide individuals and companies alike, with direct contacts to the entities they wish to be in business with, and that requires an understanding of the target personnel. If your company is into multimedia marketing, then, the investor you want to contact and connect with should have interest and needs in this field. Approaching investors from their area of interest increases the chance of response and eventually, business deals.

  • Finally, Develop a Communications Strategy

    This part is delicate and requires a perfect blend of communication purpose and delivery style, which means your message should not be perceived as spam. Consider the approach, instead of selling your service or product at first contact, try introducing yourself and business by stating your name and the solution the company can offer. This way you come off as a real person, and there is a better chance for a response.

Getting Direct Investor Contacts

To get the chance to pitch your business to an investor, you will need a direct connection to them. The use of traditional forms of lead generation makes it almost impossible to achieve, typically, you just get names and emails which are often not verifiable. However, our software, Infonyze can receive an investor name as a parameter and display their complete information to the user, including contact information. Now, that is not all; Infonyze is also able to differentiate between mobile numbers and landlines, so you can understand how to direct your marketing campaign, either through SMS marketing or by initiating a formal call.

With the direct contact of an investor, you can then send a simple SMS text of just one line, following the guidelines as suggested above. The SMS message can read

“Hey, you invest in B2B companies, mind if you check out my company at…”

How to use Infonyze to find Investors and get their Information

Using Infonyze is straightforward. Without signing up for an account, you can initiate a search on the website to find any investor you wish to contact by entering their names or company into the search bar. To enjoy full access to the software, visit Prospects Dashboard to filter through a database of over 400m+ leads. Create an account on the platform and activate your free account in seconds. After successfully creating an account on Infonyze, the user dashboard will load up, and the search bar will appear. Enter the keyword “investor” in the search box, and a list of investors will be displayed following the targeted search. Go ahead and subscribe for a membership so you can view investor contact details. You can also export leads to create a custom list of investors and manage the communication process efficiently.

Roy Kesserwani
Founder at Infonyze