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Stay One Step Ahead of your B2B Sales Prospects

How Infonyze can help you effectively connect with clients and increase conversions.

Our platform enables you to identify and curate your ideal audience, meaning the type of profile that will provide you with reliable customers.

A Lead Generation Software that can land you Investors

An Effective Strategy for Finding Investors

Many companies, no matter how good your business model is, still struggle with acquiring investors. Getting in touch with any of the big names in a particular industry

B2B Lead Generation: Why IOS Marketing is the New Frontier

An Effective Lead Generation Strategy

Back in 2015, a huge interactive shift erupted during the holiday shopping season: more people were using their mobile devices for buying products and communicating with

Meet the team

Welcome to Infonyze, a company founded to help you in your quest to reach more business clients. Infonyze provides prospecting software that can help sales and marketing agents in boosting their business. We use cutting edge algorithms to find you the most accurate and up to date B2B profiles for companies and professionals. Most importantly, our software is free to use, get started Today

Roy Kesserwani

CEO & Full Stack Engineer

Nobody wanted to hire me, so I started my own company =D

Nam Hoang Thanh

Software & Web Developer

Web developer with a Bachelor degree in Information Technology from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and over 10 years of experience.

Ibnu Mas'ud

Graphic Designer & CEO at Sebo Studio

Professional UI/UX designer with an extensive 10+ years of experience. Check out his amazing portfolio at dribbble.

Dmitriy Kokoiko

Front-End Engineer

Dimitriy is an expert front end engineer with a pixel perfect designing skills.